Communication University of China Professor Zhang Yanqiu has enlighten Sierra Leonean Journalists and Press Officers on Constructive Journalism for Development Communication on Wednesday 8th November 2023 in the ongoing three-week Seminar For Sierra Leonean Journalists and Press Officers at the Training Base of the Research and Training Institute( NRTA) in Beijing

Madam Zhang Yanqiu who lectures at the Communication University of China described Constructive Journalism as a form of reporting based on solution-focused news, instead of revolving around negative and conflict based stories. She added that Constructive Journalism normally gives stories more context and make the consumers of the news more intelligent. The learned Professor emphasized that instead of reporting conflicts and Problems Constructive Journalism aims to gain a comprehensive Portrayal of the issues at hand.

In her power point presentation, the learned Professor aptly distinguishes the differences between the Western/ Librral Media and Development Communication. She described the liberal Media as business and industry for Profit and market adding  that Media Professionalism being promoted to the World as a key feature.

However, she described Development Communication as Media Social responsibility and its role for development

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