Conrad Sackey, the Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary Education, extended a cordial welcome to Mr. Aidan Fitzpatrick, the Ambassador of Ireland to Sierra Leone, during an official courtesy visit

The meeting served as an opportunity to strengthen the enduring partnership between Sierra Leone and Ireland, with a specific focus on highlighting IrishAid’s vital role as a trusted collaborator in Sierra Leone’s education sector.

Minister Sackey expressed immense pleasure at the presence of the Ireland Ambassador, highlighting the pivotal role of IrishAid in the realm of education, specifically in reintegrating out-of-school girls into formal academic settings. This initiative aligns with the joint efforts aimed at enhancing educational access and opportunities for all, especially focusing on an equitable and inclusive system.

The discussions between Minister Sackey and Ambassador Fitzpatrick centered on various potential interventions that could significantly contribute to advancing positive educational outcomes in Sierra Leone. The exchange encompassed strategies and avenues through which the partnership between the two entities could further promote educational development, ensuring a more holistic and robust educational framework for the country.

Sierra Leone has been striving to address the educational disparities and challenges, especially for marginalized groups like out-of-school girls. The collaboration with Ireland, through IrishAid, represents a beacon of hope in tackling these issues, emphasizing the importance of inclusive education for sustainable development and empowerment.

The meeting concluded on an optimistic note, emphasizing the commitment of both Sierra Leone and Ireland to continue working together towards the common goal of enhancing the educational landscape and fostering a more inclusive and equitable system for all learners. The shared vision and collaboration between the two entities stand as a testament to the dedication towards building a brighter future for the youth of Sierra Leone through education.