In an interview with Sierraloaded on October 17, 2023, Alpha Bangura, the Deputy Director of Education in Port Loko district in Sierra Leone, spoke about the challenges facing schools in the district.

He said that while schools performed well overall in the WASSCE exams, they did not achieve their goal of being among the best-performing schools in the country.

Bangura identified a number of factors contributing to the challenges facing schools in the district. One factor is that some students are not consistent in school once they enter the WASSCE class, and repeaters often only attend when the exam is very close. Another factor is that the English language is not getting the requisite teaching qualification, especially in hard-to-reach areas. Bangura also said that regular changes to textbooks in Literature in English are making it difficult for teachers to teach the subject effectively.

Bangura said that the district is taking steps to address these challenges. Ongoing meetings are being held to develop a district action plan, and the district is facilitating continuous professional development for teachers in English, Mathematics, the sciences, and other poorly performed areas.

Bangura’s interview highlights some of the challenges facing schools in Sierra Leone. It is important to address these challenges in order to ensure that all students have the opportunity to succeed.