The conference body for student unions in Africa, the League of African Development Students delegation has presented a special Citation of Honor Mnemonic banner to the Managing Director of Rokel Commercial Bank, Dr. Walton Ekundayo Gilpin on Thursday 13th April 2023.

The delegation is in Freetown under the distinguished patronage of President Julius Maada Bio to grace the official inauguration of Rex Bonapha, as the new President of the National Union of Sierra Leone Students (NUSS).

Prince Ogar Esq, President, of the National Association of Nigeria Students Diaspora, introduced the delegation and described Dr. Gilpin as a proactive Managing Director and one of the best currently in Africa.

He thanked the management of the institution for the receptive welcome and confirmed that the delegation is here to identify with the institution that has been traversing the nooks and crannies of the country and changing the narrative of the banking industry.

The delegation comprises Osisiogou Osikenyi E. President of the All- African Students Union, Rex Bonapha, President National Union of Sierra Leone Students  (NUSS), Prince Ogar Esq, President of the National Association of Nigeria Student Diaspora, Beloved Imobiye, and others.

President of the All African Student Union, Osisiogu Osikenyi E, described Dr. Gilpin as an indefatigable MD and they feel very proud to associate with the Bank.

He said that since their last arrival in 2019, they have continued to show a keen interest in Rokel Commercial Bank.

He further pointed out that at a time some other people were sitting busy to conspire, they were busy thinking about how they can promote the Bank and celebrate its achievements. He affirmed that bad people thrive only when good people Keep quiet and they have come to say they are very proud of the achievements they have continued to record.

We agree with the president of Sierra Leone, Julius Maada Bio in conferring you the Commander of the Order of Rokel Award. We have also agreed with those who have listed you among the 50 best bankers in Africa. What it means is that even if you pick one Bank MD in every country in Africa, not every country can make one CEO in that list,” he said.

Dr. Gilpin expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the delegation for their accolades and praises. He appreciated them for their time in finding out about the many good works of the Bank. He expressed admiration for the delegation to come from Nigeria with lots of Zeal and energy to appreciate their good work.

He described Cooperate Social Responsibility as their area of purview.

What we do, we target particular areas, for example, if a student believes in a particular line of thought, or area of intervention we agree with that then as management we can take a particular decision and work with that particular area. We believe that students have the caps of tomorrow right on their heads. Students have a lot of enthusiasm and zeal. If per Adventure, students are not catered to then the next generation will go backward. What we are looking for is quality education not just about being a student but your education to go through you and forming you into a better person,” Dr. Gilpin explained.

As the delegation consists of one female representative, Dr. Gilpin confirmed that he believes in the young and in the ability of women to push things, multi-task, and gain success.

He further thanked the delegation for coming and even expresses a strong commitment not to let them down even as they traverse the sub-region to come to Sierra Leone. He confirmed that the delegation always has an open door with the Bank and they can knock in at any time.

At the end of the rendezvous, the president of the Junior Staff Association RCBank, Francis Gandi delivered a short but succinct statement in recognition of the bank’s progress under the leadership of Dr. Gilpin before the closing courtesies and wrap-up statement issued by the Head of Simkorpor Plus, Kezia Salankole.