One of Sierra Leone’s Finest writers, Oumar Farour Sesay’s Novel “Land Scape of Memories” has been featured on Amazon for readers to access conveniently.

Oumar Sesay, a graduate of Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone, is a published poet, novelist, and playwright.

In his early age of writing, he went to the U.S. and was fortunate to publish his first collection of poems “Salute To The Remains of a Peasant”. Those are poems that captured events during the war in Sierra Leone.

He was resident playwright of Bai Bureh Theatre in the ’80s, and hehas written several plays. He published in many anthologies of Sierra Leonean poets, including Lice in the Lion’sMane, Songs That Pour the Heart and Kalashnikov In The Sun.

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Meanwhile, It’s important to note that while selling books at Amazon’s can be a useful tool for Authors ; it’s not the only measure of a book’s success. There are many factors that contribute to a book’s success, including the quality of the writing, the strength of the marketing and promotion efforts, and the author’s overall reputation and platform.