The Executive Secretary of the Sierra Leone Chambers for Agribusiness Development (SLeCAD) Ahmed Akim Nanoh has informed the public that SLeCAD in collaboration with the Scaling-up Nutrition Secretariat (SUN) will be organizing its fourth nutrition and trade exhibition at Moyamba, Southern Sierra Leone.

The Executive Secretary disclosed the information at the SLeCAD conference room on Saturday, March 4, 2023.

Mr. Nanoh stated that the theme for this year’s exhibition and trade fair is “Eat nutrition food for healthy living”.

In addition, He said the nutrition trade fair is to showcase food items and raw materials available in Sierra Leone.

Nanoh explained that the first and second gentlemen of Sierra Leone president Julius Maada Bio and vice Juldeh would be the distinguished grand chief patron of the occasion this year’s occasion.

Meanwhile, Ahmed Nanoh disclosed that the event is not only to showcase items but an opportunity to connect to the external market. Adding that the exhibition would enable people to sell and showcase their items.

Furthermore, Mr. Nanoh said, the diplomatic community will also be involved in this year’s exhibition. Noting, they are providing the funds for the exhibition.

The Executive Secretary of SLeCAD continued that SLeCAD is happy to be working together with SUN Secretariat for the exhibition. The SUN Secretariat, he noted, is an office of the Vice President to reduce malnutrition in Sierra Leone.

In another development, recent data published by the World Food Program (WHO), according to Mr. Nanoh, States that 2.2 million Sierra Leoneans are in chronic hunger and 1.6 million are in acute hunger condition.