In a dazzling display of academic prowess, twin siblings Floydalin and Floyd Davies have secured the top spots in the highly competitive National Primary School Examination (NPSE) 2023.

Floydalin’s remarkable achievement of securing 1st place with an impressive score of 339, closely followed by her twin brother Floyd, who secured 2nd place with an outstanding score of 336, has brought immense pride to their school, Murray-Deen Preparatory School.

The NPSE results have confirmed Floydalin as the shining star of this year’s examination. Her exceptional score not only exemplifies her dedication and hard work but also reflects her unwavering ambition and thirst for knowledge. With aspirations of becoming an entrepreneur, inventor, and scientist, Floydalin’s dreams know no bounds. Her determination to explore diverse fields and make a positive impact throughout her lifetime is truly inspiring.

Floydalin’s achievement is not the first of its kind for Murray-Deen Preparatory School. Within the past three years, the school has produced another exceptional student who secured the top position in the NPSE. This consistent success speaks volumes about the school’s commitment to providing quality education and nurturing the talents of their students.

In recognition of her outstanding accomplishment, Floydalin will be honored with the prestigious Award of Excellence, presented by Chozen generation, a renowned organization that recognizes exceptional academic achievements. This accolade serves as a symbol of the community’s appreciation and admiration for Floydalin’s remarkable feat.

The success of Floydalin and Floyd is a testament to the holistic approach to education embraced by Murray-Deen Preparatory School.