The husband of the popular journalist and station manager for Radio Democracy 98.1FM, Asmaa James’ husband, Ambrose James has finally broken silence after Boss La abused his wife publicly.

Mr. Ambrose James took to Facebook and informed concern Sierra Leoneans that his family remain strong, united and supportive. “We remain strong and resolute. We are a United and supportive family. Much ”. He wrote.

On Sunday 12th December 2021, Boss La insulted Asmaa James on his Facebook live for airing a story on radio Democracy 98.1FM concerning his bench warrant ordered by the Court of Sierra Leone without getting his own side of the story.

According to Boss La, he has attended court for over nine (9) times without the appearance of the complainant but the media never reported about it. The single day that he failed to appear and the court ordered a bench warrant, the media reported about him. He added that, they are trying to tarnish his image.

After so many social media backlashes from Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ), Women in the Media Sierra Leone (WIMSAL), his elder brother; Ishmail Rappish Bah and other media personalities condemning his actions towards Asmaa James, Boss La finally wrote an apology letter to Asmaa. He was requested to make a video to confirm that, the apology really comes from him. The rapper went ahead and made the video and tendered his apology to Asmaa.

As the public is observing to know what the family of Asmaa James will do to the rapper after apologizing, the husband came out politely on Facebook and said his family is strong and they are together.