Sierra Leone is witnessing a significant stride in girls’ education, as the latest analysis of the 2023 National Primary School Examination (NPSE) results reveals that more girls are attempting and excelling in the examination compared to their male counterparts.

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) released the NPSE results to the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education (MBSSE) on July 15th, 2023, showcasing the positive advancements in girls’ education within the country.

According to Deputy Chief Education Officer, Madam Adama Momoh, there was an increase of approximately 1% in the NPSE entries compared to the previous year. The 2023 NPSE had a total candidate entry of 163,860, consisting of 51.1% girls (83,731) and 48.9% boys (80,129), whereas in 2022, the figures were 50.9% girls (82,451) and 49.1% boys (79,617).

Out of the total candidates, 163,685 students (80,045 boys and 83,640 girls) attempted at least one subject in the 2023 NPSE. However, 175 candidates (84 boys and 91 girls) were absent for all subjects. The highest aggregate T-score achieved in the examination was 339.

In terms of pass rates, a total of 133,129 candidates successfully passed the NPSE in 2023, marking an increase from the previous year’s 131,433 pass rate. Out of these successful candidates, 67,848 were girls, while 65,281 were boys. These pass rates translate to an overall pass rate of 81.3%, with boys achieving a pass rate of 81.6% and girls achieving a pass rate of 81.1%. Although the girls’ pass rate was slightly lower than that of boys, it is noteworthy that more girls both attempted and passed the examination compared to boys.

This significant progress in girls’ education has been praised by President Bio, who described it as the best time to be a girl in Sierra Leone since the country gained independence.

The president emphasized his commitment to reducing teenage pregnancy and early marriages while increasing access to education for all children, particularly girls. He believes that the future of Sierra Leone lies in empowering its female population.