The Government Technical Institute (GTI) in Kailahun district has incorporated distance Teacher’s Education into its program.

This move, announced by Registrar Sia M. Sandi, aims to fulfill the government’s inclusive education policy by bringing quality teacher training closer to the doorsteps of communities in the region.

Established in 2019 by President Julius Maada Bio, GTI Kailahun initially focused on equipping students with valuable technical skills in fields like plumbing, carpentry, solar technology, agriculture, and computer studies. The institute has achieved impressive milestones, gaining accreditation from the National Council of Technical, Vocational and other Academic Awards (NCTVA) and registering with the Tertiary Education Commission. Notably, many graduates have secured employment after their studies, demonstrating the program’s effectiveness.

The decision to incorporate distance Teacher’s Education Programs in its operations reflects Government’s commitment to ensuring equitable access to education across the country. With two centers operational, one in Koindu and another in Kailahun town, GTI is positioned to serve geographically remote communities often overlooked by traditional teacher training institutions.

“We have taken education to the doorsteps of the people,” emphasized Registrar Sandi. This accessibility, coupled with the institute’s affordable tuition fees, makes it a highly attractive option for aspiring teachers in the region.

However, the institute faces challenges. Lack of adequate funding hinders further development, while negative societal perceptions towards technical training can deter enrollment. Registrar Sandi urged the government to provide necessary resources to ensure the college’s continued success in fulfilling its crucial role within the community.