The Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education (MBSSE) clarified the issue of a video they referred to as making rounds on social media, purported to have been developed by a certain Member of Parliament which talked on a series of concerns on the forthcoming West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

To clarify the information put out, the ministry outlines several pieces of information for the 2024 WASSCE.

The Ministry stated below the following as clarifications:

1. That the total number of candidates who have successfully completed registration for both Continuous Assessment Scores (CASS) and Batch Registration System (BRS) and are eligible to write this year’s WASSCE stands at *146,179.*

2. That every district is duly represented by eligible candidates to write the forthcoming WASSCE

3. That school leaders upload pieces of required information about their candidates into the WAEC portals, and not manufactured by WAEC.

4. That the WAEC portals are reopened for all schools across the country at the same time, and not done by districts or regions.

5. The Continuous Assessment Score (CASS) is part of the requirements of the West African Examinations Council’s Examinations and represents 30% of the total score for candidates writing the WASSCE.

To address the issue of students who fail to be included in the list of candidates for the exams, the Ministry promised to continue engaging with the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) on the possibility of reopening the portals for Continuous Assessment Scores (CASS) and Batch Registration System(BRS) within the available period as pupils prepare for the examinations.