The Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Schools (MBSSE) has introduced an innovative curriculum for Senior Secondary Schools. This new curriculum includes the incorporation of interactive subjects aimed at facilitating significant growth across various areas for the students.

In a video on social media several teachers elaborated on the depth of the new curriculum, emphasizing its significance for children’s development.

According to a teacher, the curriculum is meticulously crafted to furnish students with contemporary 21st-century skills, enabling them to become proactive and engaged citizens. She highlighted that this approach empowers learners to select areas aligned with their interests and talents, fostering the development of their human capital.

eachers and educators emphasize the transformative impact of the new curriculum, which aims to contribute to Sierra Leone’s social and economic growth. They highlight its essential role in shaping the curriculum alongside the learners.

The uniqueness of the curriculum lies in its comprehensive approach, offering access to various aspects for children’s education. Unlike the previous system with limited streams, this curriculum provides specialized streams to ensure each child has a focused learning path.

Newly introduced subjects expand beyond the old syllabus, promoting deeper understanding and practical application. The emphasis on practical work in addition to theoretical learning encourages widespread implementation and talent exploration, fostering radical inclusion across the nation.

The curriculum introduces applied subjects like Biotechnology, analytical chemistry, and biochemistry, enabling students to diversify their learning and move beyond narrow career paths. Teachers foresee an increase in civil, mechanical, and electrical engineers due to the curriculum’s emphasis on practical physics applications in everyday life.