Professor Olapafi Olafemi gracefully transitioned his leadership role as the Dean for Natural Resources Management at Njala University on Friday, April 19. Dr. Musa, the newly elected Dean, will now assume the responsibility of leading the prestigious school into its future endeavors.

Under Professor Olafemi’s three-year tenure, the School of Natural Resources Management achieved notable success and recognition. One of the key achievements was the remarkable influx of student enrollments, setting a record-breaking number of students in the institution. This achievement not only reflects the growing reputation of the school but also demonstrates the trust and confidence students place in its academic programs and resources.

The outgoing Dean also highlighted the commendable performances of the students during his leadership. Through focused guidance and academic support, the students excelled in their studies, showcasing the commitment of both the faculty and the student body to academic excellence.

Furthermore, Professor Olafemi emphasized the fruitful partnerships established with various non-governmental organizations (NGOs) during his tenure. These collaborations resulted in valuable research opportunities, community outreach initiatives, and sustainable development projects. By engaging with external organizations, the school has fostered a culture of innovation, practical learning, and impactful contributions to the field of natural resources management.

Expressing gratitude for the support he received, Professor Olafemi extended his best wishes to the incoming Dean, Dr. Musa. In his address, Dr. Musa pledged to continue promoting the school’s reputation and name through his lobbying efforts and inclusive leadership skills. He recognized the importance of unity and collaboration, calling upon the entire school community to work together as a family to realize his vision for the future. Dr. Musa vowed to nurture an environment that inspires innovation, academic excellence, and holistic growth among students and faculty alike.

As Njala University’s School of Natural Resources Management enters this new chapter, guided by the legacy of Professor Olafemi and the aspirations of Dean Musa, promising prospects lie ahead for the institution.