A group of 27 Spanish professors and students from the University of San Pablo has arrived at the University of Makeni through the Viva Makeni initiative.

They are on a two-week mission, organized by the Madrid-based international NGO Viva Makeni. The mission aims to impact valuable health and personal hygiene knowledge to local children.

Their visit also marks the continuation of the Health Education Project, Health Summer Camp, and Surgical Campaigns. The Health Summer Camp, which began in 2016, has grown to accommodate 180 children. This year, 60 participants each come from the Makeni Pastoral Center, St. Francis Parish, and St. Comforti Parish, respectively.

The program is facilitated by a dedicated team of Spanish coordinators and monitors, along with their Sierra Leonean counterparts from the public health department.

The Health Summer Camp provides essential education for children during their summer break, emphasizing personal hygiene and health improvement.

Andrew Sesay, the Logistics Team Lead, stressed the camp’s significance as it combines education and practical learning for Sierra Leonean public health students.

He highlighted its role in promoting multicultural acceptance and interaction by fostering collaboration between Sierra Leonean and Spanish students. This year’s Health Summer Camp targets children from Masongbo, Masuba, and Yoni communities, totaling 180 participants. Each camp boasts three local coordinators and one monitor.(Public Health Student), accompanied by three international coordinators. and one Spanish monitor.

These underprivileged children will receive gifts such as shoes, books, pens, and bags from Spain at the camp’s conclusion.
Both residents of Makeni and citizens across Sierra Leone have expressed immense gratitude to theSpanish team impactful for their contributions to the nation’s healthcare sector. Their support is seen as complementing the Sierra Leonean government’s efforts to establish an affordable healthcare system through the University of Makeni.

“The breast cancer screening will save many of our female lives,” remarked Aminata Turay in Lunsar. All surgeries will be conducted at the Holy Spirit Hospital in Masuba, Makeni City, including breast cancer screenings. UNIMAK is proud to collaborate with the Spanish team for the fourth consecutive year, bridging the healthcare gap in Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone’s healthcare sector faces challenges due to a shortage of specialists in various medical fields. The Spanish team’s presence is helping to address this gap and contribute to the nation’s post-pandemic and post-Ebola recovery. Haja Veronica Kamara from UNIMAK’S Mass Communication Department termed this mission a productive two weeks of medical intervention that brings hope for a brighter future for Sierra Leoneans.

UNIMAK extends its heartfelt gratitude to the team for their unwavering commitment to the development of Sierra Leone’s healthcare sector.