The Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education successfully concluded the two-week Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) on August 2, 2023, as scheduled.

Mr. Mohamed B. Koroma, the Co-Supervisor for Sunday Foundation Secondary School for Girls, and Kellys Rural Vocational and Agricultural Secondary School in Hastings, Freetown, Sierra Leone, praised the Ministry for conducting a malpractice-free examination, particularly at his center.

Mr. Koroma highlighted the effective security measures and disciplined relationships between pupils and invigilators, which contributed to the smooth conduct of the exams.

He also noted that students showed no signs of exam phobia due to the well-managed invigilation. The timely arrival and distribution of examination materials followed the 2023 BECE timetable.

In addition to his commendations, Mr. Koroma advised pupils, especially the girls, on taking care of themselves during the extended holiday period.

He warned against the influence of peers and friends, emphasizing the importance of not allowing stereotypes to dictate the educational future of girls after the BECE.

Mr. Koroma urged parents and guardians to monitor their children closely to prevent dropouts, as such instances have significant implications on the country’s poverty levels.