The Teaching service Commissions has issued a public a notice on all 2023 retirees’ teachers who left the service in August of 2023 and have not received their end of service benefits.

The release pointed out that In 2021, the Teaching Service Commission received a cabinet approval for retiring teachers to be paid their end of service benefits along with their last month pay in order to avoid the back and forth they go through in trying to secure their benefits, which in most cases gets very cumbersome especially for those in hard-to-reach communities.

The Commission confirmed that they had successfully worked with the Ministry of Finance through the Accountant General’s Department to effect this change in the last two years (2022 and 2023).

However, TSC further revealed that about 27% of 2023 retirees are yet to be paid their end of service benefits either because they had not gone through the process or are still missing some required documents to aid the processing of their retirement benefits.

Consequent upon the above, the TSC requests the following:

  1. All 2023 retirees who left the service in August of 2023 and have not received their end of service benefits should report at the TSC office in their districts for immediate action.

  2. All 2023 retirees who are yet to submit their retirement papers as contained in the check list should do so without further delay.

  3. Retirees for 2024 are hereby informed that their retirement letters are available at TSC District offices and should be collected with immediate effect, if you have not yet done.

  4. Retirees who are due reassessment and/or promotion should immediately without delay submit evidence of their claims, including reassessment or promotion letters to the nearest TSC District Office.

  5. All Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, Mathematics and French teachers reaching retirement age (60 years) this year, and who wish to extend their services for the next five years as initially approved by cabinet, should indicate so in writing, addressed to their TSC district Deputy Director.