The year 2023 has been an interesting one for Sierra Leone’s music and Entertainment Industry.

From the outset of January until the present, this vibrant sector has witnessed an influx of new and talented artists, leaving an indelible mark on the country’s music landscape.

Some have made a lot of noise with their music, but only a handful of artistes had us putting their songs on repeat, making noise when a song came on and made a serious impact during the aforementioned time.

Sierraloaded, Sierra Leone’s leading platform re-introduced the “Hottest Artiste List” back in 2021. This annual tradition offers an unfiltered assessment of the artists who have not only shaped but also defined the musical landscape of Sierra Leone throughout the year.

The Hottest Artiste List meticulously highlights those entertainers who have achieved the most significant milestones. This includes artists who scored chart-topping hits, embarked on successful tours, made substantial moves in both the local and international music scenes, won prestigious awards, and, most importantly, the people we’ve listened to and danced to for the past 12 months.

In a year marked by artistic innovation and creative excellence, Sierra Leone’s music and entertainment industry continues to flourish, demonstrating the country’s immense talent and potential on both the national and international stages.

As the year draws to a close, Sierraloaded will systematically reveal the 20 Hottest Artiste in Sierra Leone starting from December 10. As you eagerly await the unveiling, be sure you are following Sierraloaded on social media platforms to celebrate these exceptional individuals who have made this year a sonically unforgettable one.

Incredible JJ – #14

From the vibrant streets of Kenema in Sierra Leone emerges a new musical sensation, none other than James Junior Kaisama, now hailed as the sensational Incredible JJ.

This emerging music prodigy from Eastern Sierra Leone possesses an extraordinary voice destined to captivate audiences not just locally but on a global scale. In a recent freestyle video, Incredible JJ passionately shared his aspirations of not only showcasing his musical talents in Freetown but also on the world stage.

JJ made his impactful entry into the music scene with “Jonjomi,” more than just a song—it’s an infectious invitation. Meaning “vibe” in local dialect, the track serves as a magnetic call to the dance floor, promising an exhilarating journey filled with Afrobeat rhythms that ignite ecstasy and fervor among listeners.

Solidifying his position in the industry, the new sensation collaborated with one of Sierra Leone’s hottest musicians, Drizilik, on the hit song titled “Freetown.” This collaboration has become the talk of the town, marking Incredible JJ’s ascent into the music industry with a resounding impact.

Incredible JJ’s rise marks a promising journey for Sierra Leonean music, showcasing raw talent, vibrant energy, and an unyielding determination to carve a significant place in the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide.

Watch out for this rising star as he continues to spread his unique sound and charisma across the musical landscape.