The Office of The Entertainment Ambassador is in preparation to organize a two-day National Entertainment Dialogue Conference in August 2023.

According to the ambassador’s office, this dialogue conference will be held due to the recommendation of President Julius Maada Bio for a containment dialogue among entertainers of all sectors.

It is stated that the dialogue conference is to create a platform for entertainers from diverse sectors to articulate their specific needs and challenges, as a dedicated space for open dialogue, collaboration, and knowledge sharing.

It is also stated that the President aims to address and find solutions to the unique concerns faced by entertainers in each sector as the gathering is hoped to foster a supportive and inclusive environment that will promote the growth and well-being of the entertainment industry as a whole.

To ensure a comprehensive representation of all sectors within the entertainment industry, all sectors of the containment industry are expected to send their appropriate representatives, who possess a deep understanding of the challenges faced by entertainers in their sectors and be capable of effectively communicating the sector’s needs and aspirations.