Sierra Leonean musician and influencer, Atical Foyoh has referred to the newly opened southern arena as state of art and a masterpiece that will never be forgotten.

Foyoh was one of the entertainers who performed at the opening ceremony of the southern arena on Sunday 21st may, 2023 in Bo city.

The performances of different artists including one of the best cultural artists of all time ‘Amie Kallon’ formed part of the ceremony that was climaxed by a football match between Bo Rangers and East End Lions.

He referred to the ceremony as a unique one that deserves applause. Read full post below:

“The Southern Arena opening was lit as we had a magnificent time in performing for our dignitaries ranging from HE Bio, First Lady, ministers, stake holders, representatives from football clubs, and people representing various interests. It was unique and exciting. It’s been a while I last enjoyed performance like this.

Special thanks to our host, CEO Babadi Kamara who in his wisdom tried to the best of his abilities to leave a lasting legacy our country would forever be proud of. This legacy would be remembered and respected by posterity. To our President, HE Bio, thanks so much for investing into football and creating an enabling environment for our country’s men to invest into the game. I hold you with so much awe sir. Our God would adequately reward your deeds and successes ahead come June 24th!

Ladies and gentlemen the Southern Arena is a state of art, a masterpiece we will forever cherish!!” he stated.