Popular musician Atical Foyoh, has praised President Bio for exhibiting a remarkable display of responsible statesmanship through his recent appointments.

Foyoh expressed his gratitude towards the president for selecting David Moinina Sengeh as the Chief Minister and Yakuba Askia Bio as the General Manager of the Sierra Ports Authority. Foyoh conveyed his unwavering confidence in the current administration.

His message reads; Thrilled by the honest selection of H.E Bio, appointing Honorable David Moina Sengeh Chief Minister and Yankuba Askia Bio aka Jada General Manager Sierra Ports Authority, I want to register my appreciation to H.E Bio for demonstrating a huge sense a responsible statesmanship and at the same time want to heartily congratulate the above mentioned appointees on their appointment and wish them well in their new encounter and pray that God gives them the devine ability and strength to adequately run their new offices and operate accordingly for the betterment of every Sierra Leonean.

I am confident in H.E Bioโ€™s selection and I am of the conviction that this was done for the general good of all. I look forward to seeing these young gentlemen work relentlessly hard towards achieving a great success that would remain definitely indelible. God bless you brothers. Good luck!

Power to the youth!