Sierra Leonean Musician, Atical Foyoh, also known as the East Coast Power Bank has called on every Sierra Leonean to have a clear vision of unity and focus on total and sustainable development for a better nation.

He maintained that the country can only be great again if everyone can believe in and accept President Bio as the president of the country for the next five years as well as allowing certain things go normally, adding that, individuals need to forget about politics and think of the country.

His statement reads; FOOD FOR THOUGHT, if only Sierra Leoneans home and abroad understand and appreciated the fact that, His Excellency Rtd Brigadier Julius Maada Bio is our President until 2028, and if all of us decide to live in unity and love to work and support his leadership positively and forget about politics, forget about the pull him down syndrome, the hypocrisy, the witch hunt, the use of unseen languages, I foresee a betterment for we Country in the next Five years.

“Considering the plans that the government has for the country as the country is considered a peaceful place. Let us not allow an individual or group of individuals to hinder the peace, process and development of our beautiful nation.

“Finally, to all Sierra Leoneans, Salone is not for Madda Bio, Salone is for us!โ€ he summed up.