Born on the 29th, November 2002 in Freetown Sierra Leone. Mariatu Mayeteh Sesay is a 21-year-old model, a mental health advocate, and a dedicated advocate for women and girls, currently contesting for this year’s Miss University, organised by Africa Young Voices Media Empire (AYV) in partnership with the National Union of Sierra Leone Students (NUSS), set to take place on April 26th 2024 at the Radisson Blu Hotel.

Mariatu has a rich background that has shaped her multifaceted advocacy work. Mariatu completed her primary school at Royal elementary and high school education at Limount College before relocating to The Gambia to finish her final high school years. At Glory Baptist international , where she completed her senior secondary education.This cross-cultural journey has deepened her understanding of diverse challenges faced by individuals in different communities.

In addition to her modeling career, Mariatu Mayeteh Sesay has been actively involved in women’s empowerment initiatives and advocating for mental health awareness.

Mariatu currently holds a diploma and degree from the Blue crest College in IT Fashion and Designs and currently enrolled at the Limkokwing University where she is studying communication, Media and Broadcasting.

Mariatu is a mental health advocate and has been part of couple organizations and events advocating for Mental Health. Ms Mariatu is a passionate advocate for positive change and a role model for those seeking to make a difference in the world.