Popular blogger on Facebook, Sarah Kallay has clarified reason for ditching posts related to entertainment star, Baimba Moiforay alias World Boss LAC on her page.

I like playing but he is a wanted man flaunting on social media, basically telling us that he is untouchable,” she wrote on her page.

Kallay was reacting to a post by Vickie Remoe who criticised authorities for making little effort in apprehending LAC after his presidential pardon was revoked weeks after it was granted.

Kallay claimed that LAC has offered her money in order to promote her but said she refused.

I have been offered millions if I wanted to work with him but I always reject it,” she said.

She also called out authorities for being biased with regards the issue alleging that they focus more on trivial issues than weighty ones.

LAC was sentenced in 2016 for the murder of popular disc jockey, David Sydney Buckle popularly known as DJ Clef.

President Julius Maada Bio, however, granted a presidential pardon to LAC together with 149 others.

The President’s decision was met with massive public condemnation which prompted him to revoke it on the 17th January just after two weeks he granted it.