Popular Entertainment Journalist, Prezo Koroma’s has written to the Anti-Corruption Commission ( ACC ) to launch an investigation into the activities of the Office of the Entertainment Ambassador headed by local rapper, Amara Dennis Turay Jalloh popularly known as “Kao Denero” for alleged abuse of office and corrupt-related activities.

This comes after a list of individuals that were supposed to attend a seminar relating to entertainment in the United States emerged on social media on Thursday 23rd march 2023. Some of the names included in the list are close family members of the Ambassador ( his brother & daughter).

According to the Prezo Koroma Junction, this is not the first time Ambassador Kao Denero has used his office to offer opportunities for his family members.

He alleged that, in 2021, Ambassador Kao Denero included his daughter, brother, and ex-girlfriend (Del Vaque) as part of the delegation to America for the Back to my Root Festival show that was canceled.

“For two consecutive times, He has done the same thing and it is against sections 42 and 44 of the ACC Act 2008 as amended,” Koroma stated.

He cited that there are names on the list that are none entertainers like Barrie Mohamed Alieu the CEO of Double Up Team. He is alleged to be a seller of kush and other harmful drugs. The same Double Up Team was the financier of the Back to my Root Festival event that Ambassador Kao Denero staged early this year at Tokeh Beach.

Prezo Koroma Junction furthered that it understands that the Government of Sierra Leone allocated funds for the show and sponsors came in ( We stand to be corrected ) but yet still the show was financed by Double Up (allegedly), could it be that Ambassador Jalloh included the name of Barrie in the trip as a sign of payback because of their partnership deal?

The public may recall that Audit Service Sierra Leone reported in the 2021 Audit Report a damming report about the Office of the Entertainment Ambassador.

According to their report, more than 400 million old Leones were allocated to the office but during the time the of audit, the office failed to account for the said monies and the Auditors had since requested the office to pay back the money into the consolidated funds and the Ambassador’s office is yet to do so.

If we are to go by the Auditor General’s report, there is a corruption allegation going on in the Office of the Special Envoy on Entertainment & Investment. For transparency and accountability, we are calling on the ACC to launch a special investigation into the affairs of the Ambassador’s office,” Koroma asked.

“What happened to the likes of Star Zee and Drizilik who have been consistent in making hit songs, you excluded their names in the failed US trip in 2021, and the same thing in 2023. What about Famous, Rap G, and Mackmuday who have been supporting the First Lady’s campaigns?”

Prezzo Koroma disclosed that it is rumored that Kao Denero is in the habit of selling space to non-entertainers whenever opportunities arise or avail themselves.

He ended by stating that they have also launched an investigation to determine the legitimacy of the company that invited Kao Denero and his cohorts to the US and that details would be released soonest.