“In an recent interview, Sierra Leone’s hip-hop artist and Peace Ambassador, Alhaji Amadu Bah, popularly known as Boss La, declared that he has the most hit songs in Sierra Leone.

Boss La made this assertion while discussing his newly released song and addressing critics’ feedback.

According to Boss La, he decided to transition from rap to his new style of music because he views music as a business, and an artist’s chosen genre determines how people relate to them. He cited Nigerian artists as examples, highlighting their financial success due to their music style and its resonance with audiences, even competing with American artists.

During the interview, Boss La challenged the presenter to name a rap song commonly played in clubs or a rapper hired solely because of their rap skills, emphasizing that few rappers earn their livelihood solely from rap.

He revealed that he frequently visits clubs to observe people’s responses to music from various countries. He expressed disappointment when his music isn’t played because the audience can’t relate to it.

Boss La also highlighted the importance of producing music suitable for all ages, noting that many artists’ children listen to their music, and some lyrics may not be appropriate for young audiences.