Elder sister of popular hip-hop artist and peace ambassador Alhaji Amadu Bah popularly known as Boss La has cautioned supporters and fans of the Red Flag Movement (RFM) to desist from involving her brother in conflicts.

She stated that she is tired of seeing her brother in regular conflicts with the law because of his followers adding that Boss La burden is always on her their old father and lawyers whenever he comes in conflict with the law.

She said since 2018 Boss La has always been in conflict with the law because of his followers and he will be the one to face the consequences because he is the leader, in that light, she called on parents and family members of the followers of Boss La to advise their sons stay away from his brother as they are tired of always hearing “free Boss La”.

She disclosed that Boss La was an introvert person and started having issues after he started doing music because of the people he is associating himself with.

She called on people on social media to stop provoking the situation that happened in Kenema between Boss La and the Mayor of Kenema stating that it is irritating to him.

She said their family is facing a lot of criticism as some people are seeing them as irresponsible but have always done their best to advise him in their best ability.