Towards unity and reconciliation within the Sierra Leonean music industry, renowned artist Camouflage Borderline has made a heartfelt plea for peace between two top sensational artists, Kracktwist and Samza.

Recognizing their immense talent and the significant contributions they’ve made to the music scene in Sierra Leone, Camouflage Borderline urged both artists to set aside their differences and come together for the greater good of the industry.

Speaking in Krio, the local dialect of Sierra Leone, Camouflage emphasized the importance of Kracktwist and Samza’s collaboration, stating, “Krack Twist And Samza… Una Really Don Prove To Salone People Say Una All Two Super Talented.. How About You Guys Resolve Una Issue And Cam Back Together.” Translation: “Kracktwist and Samza, you guys have proven to Sierra Leoneans that both of you are super talented. Please, you guys should try to resolve your fight and come back together.”

This call for peace comes amidst a rift between the two artists, whose differences have been noted by fans and industry insiders alike. Despite their individual successes, the absence of their collaboration has been felt within the Sierra Leonean music community. Camouflage Borderline’s intervention serves as a reminder of the power of music to unite people and bridge divides.

The plea for reconciliation has garnered widespread support from fans and fellow artists alike, with many echoing Camouflage Borderline’s sentiments and expressing hope for a resolution between Kracktwist and Samza. As two influential figures within the Sierra Leonean music scene, their ability to reconcile could not only pave the way for future collaborations but also set a positive example for aspiring artists and fans alike.

In a time marked by social and political tensions, Camouflage Borderline’s message of peace and unity serves as a beacon of hope for the Sierra Leonean music industry, reminding artists of the importance of solidarity and collaboration in creating positive change. As the music community awaits their response, the hope for a renewed partnership between Kracktwist and Samza continues to grow.