Four Sierra Leonean talented fashion designers have been invited to participate at the London Fashion Week on Saturday 16th September 2023 in London.

This ground-breaking collaboration, orchestrated in partnership with Diana Dahlia PR and the Sierra Leone Female Correctional Centre “Football For Reform,” promises to showcase not only the nation’s creative prowess but also its commitment to the fashion world.

This will be the first time Sierra Leone will be gracing the grand stage of London Fashion Week, a significant occasion that is expected to open new doors and opportunities for the country. With their dedication to fashion and a profound commitment to change, they have earned their coveted spots among international luminaries.

One of the four designers representing Sierra Leone, Jenneh Amara Bangali of Swank Couture, expressed her surprise and delight at receiving the prestigious invitation, emphasizing that their inclusion was a testament to their dedication to fashion and their mission to champion diversity in fashion. It was disclosed that two of the invited designers, Hannah Fullah (Shepor) and Frederica Williams (Just Fambulous), won’t be able to attend in person, but their collections will still shine on the runway alongside Pa Musa’s creations.

The motive of these designers is not merely attending London Fashion Week to display their exquisite fashion pieces; they are also on a mission to represent and empower the women at the Sierra Leone Female Correctional Centre. These women, who have been diligently honing their skills at the recently completed skill center established by the FIFA Foundation, will collaborate with Fashion for Change designers to create unique designs. This collaboration symbolizes the fusion of creativity between two worlds, the fashion industry and the female inmates striving for self-improvement.

Madam Jenneh underscored the importance of recognizing the inmates’ humanity and the potential for a brighter future beyond prison walls. She emphasized that this international event offers a global platform for these marginalized artisans to gain the recognition they deserve, not just as inmates but as talented individuals eager to transform their lives.

In closing, Madam Jenneh expressed her delight in representing Sierra Leone on an international stage. She emphasized the significance of this opportunity in breaking the cycle of marginalization and celebrating the value of every individual, regardless of their circumstances.

London Fashion Week 2023 is a unique convergence of fashion, culture, and social responsibility which is set to inspire attendees and fashion enthusiasts alike, showcasing the transformative power of fashion on a global scale.

As the fashion world eagerly awaits the Sierra Leonean designers’ debut at London Fashion Week, which promises to be a day of both glamour and social impact, setting the stage for an unforgettable showcase of talent and resilience, a prominent Sierra Leonean icon Isha Johansen who is a special guest at this August event is already in London to grace the event.