Sierra Leone’s music scene erupted in joyful cheers upon the release of popular rapper Boss La from Pademba Road Prison. Among the loudest voices celebrating his return was Atical Foyoh, a fellow singer often referred to as the “east coast power bank.”

Foyoh expressed his elation through a heartfelt message, welcoming Boss La back with open arms and highlighting his pivotal role in the music world. “As an industry,” he declared, “we are honored to have you back, Bruh… I always knew a day like this would come.”

Acknowledging the rapper’s past challenges, Foyoh encouraged him to move forward with focus and determination. “Don’t look back,” he urged, “just take it from where you stopped. There is time for every purpose under the sun. Happy New Year, my Gee. May God’s Blessings continue to be with you.”

Foyoh didn’t forget to express gratitude to President Julius Maada Bio, “our beloved President, our commander in Chief,” for granting Boss La the pardon. “Special thanks to him for listening to our cry,” he stated, recognizing the President’s role in making this joyous occasion possible.

Boss La’s release marks a significant moment for Sierra Leone’s music industry, signaling a potential resurgence of his powerful voice and a boost to the nation’s musical landscape.