Sierra Leonean Musician Salone Cool J has shared the story behind his recent track prove dem wrong.

As the name implies ‘prove them wrong’ Cool J said he believes in hard work and dedication to prove people wrong, also urging fans to read and tell their own ‘prove them Wrong’ story, adding that the best ‘prove them wrong’ story will attract a New Year’s gift from him.

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I believe in hard work and dedication. Throughout my career, nobody has given me anything.

I’ve worked so hard and only to be discredited sometimes have things taken away from me.

I would’ve given up a long time ago but I told myself No just try to get one or two hits and then I will be ok. After we recorded ‘Prove Them Wrong’ I knew it was a hit.

The world was hit with a pandemic. Thousands of lives were lost, and I even got sick with the coronavirus. My illness delayed my plans to travel to shoot the video in Sierra Leone. I was planning my trip to Sierra Leone to shoot the video.

I rescheduled and chose another date because at that point only God could stop me. I had a strong belief that the song will be inspirational; a song that could change lives and give people hope.

I went to Sierra Leone and worked extremely hard to direct and shoot the video. I Spent well over $4,500 on this trip. God made it possible for me and the outcome is one that I will never regret;
the risks I took were worthwhile. It’s been two years now and the song is still one of the most relevant songs out there. No to magic, No to juju na hard work and dedication with God’s blessing.

I was able to gain from it with jersey sales, paid performances, and my concert. I still want more for myself and believe my new album is full of amazing songs which will bring more wins. Sierra Leone is too small to be comfortable with it just playing within our community.

I believe if we push, this song will make it worldwide. I’m hoping for more bookings, more shows and more opportunities. Big up to my bro Innocent for adding his blessing, Thy young the producer and to everybody that played a great role in this amazing project. God is good.

Remember (anything way good for you no to all man go lek am) so in that case, Prove them wrong forever.
New Manager will be announced soon.