Sierra Leonean musician, Benjamin Menlik George ‘Drizilik’ has taken to social media to urge for the construction of a Sierra Leone national theatre.

Drizilik’s call comes following a massively successful Live-in-concert by Peace Ambassador, Alhaji Amadu Bah ‘Boss La’ where thousands of music supporters gathered on Sunday morning.

Known as the “king of new school music” for his fusion of traditional Sierra Leonean sounds with contemporary styles, Drizilik expressed his belief that a dedicated performance space is crucial for the growth of the country’s entertainment industry.

“This LAJ show proves why we need that theatre ASAP,” he wrote on social media, referencing the recent jam-packed concert.

Drizilik further emphasized the potential of a national theatre, stating, “Sierra Leone music deserves to be on the big stage with big production Home & Abroad that’s what we should all be pushing for.”

His plea echoes earlier calls from other artists, including the “Ambassador of Entertainment” Kao Denero, who previously advocated for the construction of a large-scale performance venue.

Drizilik is a prominent figure in Sierra Leone’s music scene. A multiple-award winner, he has garnered international recognition with a Listener’s Choice nomination at the MTV Africa Music Awards. His critically acclaimed debut album, “Shukubly,” established him for his unique blend of musical styles and insightful lyricism.

Drizilik’s social media post advocating for a national theatre resonated with many, garnering support from fellow musicians and thousands of fans.