The Minister of Basic and Secondary School Education (MBSSE) David Moinina Sengeh in his Public Education On Public Education Campaign in the transformation of education through laws in Sierra Leone has got his staff at the ministry engaged in a detailed and comprehensive review of the draft WAEC bill.

He maintained that, the bill will increasingly improve the manner in which the public exams conducted by WAEC are run in the country, adding that, they have started the review and update of the four main laws in the country in the few years passed.

He noted that, they have successfully developed the basic and senior secondary act of 2023 during the last parliament of Sierra Leone.

The minister confirmed that, the laws are been instituted with through consultation with experts and all the major constituents of society.

“Today, staff at the Ministry of Basic Education went through a detailed and comprehensive review of the draft WAEC Bill. This law will significantly improve how our examinations are run. 

We’d started the review and update of 4 main laws in Sierra Leone during the last few years. We successfully developed the Basic and Senior Secondary Education Act (2023) during the last Parliament, and are now putting finishing touches to updating the WAEC Act (1984). This might be one of the first laws to be passed by the new Parliament!! We are about to enter drafting of the updated Teaching Service Commission Act (2011) before rounding up with the already drafted Sierra Leone Library Board Act. 

All these laws are being done in consultation with experts and all major constituents of society. They underpin the revolution happening in our sector, ” he stated.