Drizilik, a rising star from Sierra Leone’s music scene, has conveyed his heartfelt appreciation after an inspiring encounter with Nigerian music legend and renowned figure in African music, 2face.

This extraordinary musical rendezvous transpired at the esteemed PRS For Music headquarters in the United Kingdom. PRS For Music serves as a stalwart guardian of the creative rights for over 165,000 talented artists across the globe, tirelessly fostering the promotion and safeguarding of artistic copyrights.

Drizlik’s elation was palpable as he conveyed, “In all facets of life, gratitude abounds! It is with immense joy that I am officially welcomed into the esteemed PRS For Music in the UK, alongside none other than the musical monarch himself, official2baba. Royalties in honor of true musical royalty, indeed!”

Captured in captivating images were moments shared between Drizlik, the sensational 2face, GoryUK, Label Boss at Paradine Global, and the distinguished Michelle Escoffery, President of the PRS Members’ Council.

The convergence of these musical titans serves as a testament to the profound impact of African music on the global stage, underscoring the unity and camaraderie that binds artists from diverse corners of the continent.

As Drizlik’s star continues to ascend, this milestone collaboration promises to resonate with music enthusiasts far and wide, leaving an indelible mark on the annals of musical history.