Amidst the ongoing feud between Nigerian music icons Davido and Wizkid, Sierra Leonean Sierra Leonean music sensation Emmerson Bockarie has chimed in, adding a touch of humor to the contentious situation.

Taking to social media, Bockarie responded to a fan’s post that reads “Davido and Wizkid send shots at each other” with a caption “Emmerson would Never.”

Emmerson swiftly replied by reposting and responded jokingly, “I would oooooo, Phhhh!! Me na fettt me day feel for fet sef,” meaning he would do the same; in fact, he would even fight (jokingly).

The Nigerian music scene was once again thrust into the spotlight on April 29th as Davido and Wizkid reignited their long-standing rivalry with a series of fiery exchanges on social media. Their verbal sparring, characterized by insults and barbs, captivated audiences worldwide, leaving fans and observers stunned by the raw intensity of their animosity.

As the virtual battleground between the two superstars continues to simmer, Bockarie’s comedic intervention serves as a reminder that amidst the drama, there’s always room for a touch of levity.