Emmerson Bockarie, popularly known as the “Sugar Medicine,” a renowned artist from Sierra Leone who has made waves both locally and internationally, was recently spotted making waves in New York’s iconic Times Square.

The talented musician, who is currently based in the USA, was not just sightseeing; he was there to collaborate and make magic happen.

In a surprise appearance, Bockarie was seen backstage with Nigerian superstar Davido. This unexpected union of two musical powerhouses has sent fans into a frenzy of excitement and anticipation.

Pictures and videos from their meeting have already started circulating on social media, fueling speculation about what they might be working on together.

While details about their collaboration remain under wraps, sources close to the artists have hinted that they are currently in the studio cooking up something special. With Emmerson Bockarie’s unique blend of Afro-pop and Davido’s infectious beats, fans can expect nothing short of a banger.

Emmerson Bockarie has always been a trailblazer in the Sierra Leonean music scene, pushing boundaries and breaking records. His move to collaborate with Davido, a global sensation, is a testament to his growing influence and ambition to conquer new heights in the music industry.