Renowned Sierra Leonean music sensation, Emmerson Bockarie, fondly known as ‘Emmerson d suga meresine,’ has set social media abuzz with excitement as he teases fans with a cryptic message – “Stick to the Plan.”

In recent weeks, Emmerson has been intriguing his followers by sharing various pictures of himself adorned with the intriguing slogan “Stick to the Plan.” The artist, celebrated for his impactful social commentary songs, has left fans in eager anticipation, speculating that a long-awaited release may be on the horizon.

“In one of his series of posts, Emmerson writes: ‘Fambul Natin ooo! A just ‘stick to the plan.‘”

Emmerson’s dedicated supporters are buzzing with excitement, interpreting the repeated slogan as a precursor to something significant from the legendary artist. Known for his thought-provoking and socially conscious musical contributions, Emmerson Bockarie’s return to the limelight is met with high expectations

The renowned musician, known for his series of political satire songs over the years, has maintained a noticeable silence for some time. Fans have eagerly questioned the reasons behind his prolonged hiatus, and it appears that he is gearing up to surprise his audience with new content soon