A group of entertainers yesterday paid a visit to the newly reelected President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Julius Maada Bio to convey their congratulations.

Among the attendees were members of the Sierra Leone’s Artist Union from across the nation, representatives from the Sierra Leone’s DJ Union (SLDU), comedians, filmmakers, dance groups, and fashion stars.

The gathering took place in the presence of the esteemed president and distinguished members of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

Ambassador Kao Denero expressed their purpose, saying, “Today, we have assembled here as entertainers to extend our heartfelt congratulations to our president for a well-conducted and peaceful election. We come from diverse backgrounds, united in our admiration for the president’s victory.”

He also expressed gratitude to the Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone (ECSL) for organizing a peaceful and credible election.

He thanked the public for voting peacefully, following the president’s call to cast their votes peacefully, await the results peacefully, and celebrate peacefully in the event of victory. He urged everyone to join hands and congratulate the president in a peaceful manner.

President Bio, in his response, acknowledged the entertainers’ presence and expressed his gratitude to the ECSL and the security forces for ensuring a peaceful election.

He noted that international observers had praised the election as one of the most peaceful.

He emphasized his commitment to peace and highlighted his belief in conducting a “Saful” election, devoid of chaos.

President Bio recognized that individuals have different political affiliations but emphasized the need to avoid violence and instead work for votes through hard work and engaging with the people.

He acknowledged the importance of the entertainment industry in bringing joy and laughter to the nation, as well as its significance globally.

He assured the entertainers that they were already on the government’s agenda for his second term, and he expressed a desire to sit down with them to understand their challenges and find solutions.

Bio emphasized the government’s responsibility to assist its people and pledged to work together with the entertainment sector.

He accepted the congratulatory message from the entertainers and expressed his well wishes to all, anticipating future meetings to discuss the sector’s future.