Popular Sierra Leonean multiple award winning Folksinger, Poet, Activist and Entrepreneur, Fantacee Wiz, has reportedly received threats against her family members.

The Folk singer claimed to have been threatened following a words battle on social media between herself and the Entertainment Ambassador, Kao Denero.

She wrote on her Facebook page: “Threats have been made against my FAMILY. I have screenshots/evidences to bank it up.  Enough data before and after the fact.

Let it known if anything happens to any of them one person is responsible.

FAMILY is a no go area. Never, have I ever include anyone’s FAMILY in anything.

Family is off limits. I don’t even cap about family.

Face me with your full chest, ONE & ONE!”

She backed up her post with some screenshots evidence, disclosing that they are suing.

The evidence showed a threatening remarks that her mom is gonna pay for disrespecting the Entertainment Ambassador.

Her post sparked multiple reactions from her followers and that of the Entertainment Ambassador with some advising her to seek legal actions while the latter are adding flames to the fire by saying that’s what she gets for messing with Kao.

One wrote:  “Fantacee Wiz ooh you mean dufcut? Wait bo you know if the posin sef get lawyer??
Wae you say na Kao you dae disrespect na this results you dae get and you well deserved it hahahah…. Na for make den cus you make you put you dorti mot pa Kaolastkingdenero …. for catch cruise…. you don catch am now.”

“That’s the result an indigenous singer gets, when he/she decides to meddle into hip hop affairs. Anyways it’s just a hip hop game don’t take it personally 😀” said another

“Fantacee Wiz sometimes example needs to be set Fanta keep your evidence and take a legal action I don’t know what is wrong with youth of today you can’t have a dispute with them with out being aggressive or rude” said another fan.

Fantacee Wiz this cyber bullying has been a very serious issue in the country. Because they are not smart and strong to face you as a lady they will divert the conversation to people that are not involved. No one dare to touch you or the family. They are nor go Area….Keep it going my dear.”

I’m certain that it has to do something with your post yesterday concerning #Kao, that was what I was trying to convey but, you thought I was taking side, this is the aftermath of your post, it’s really good to stay out of controversy cause you I’ll put your family members at risk, but, I stand with you and I pray that no harm comes to you or any member of your family..”