Sierra Leonean award-winning Folksinger, Poet, and Activist, Fanta Sarah Kamara, known by her stage name Fantacee Wiz, has addressed Sierra Leone entertainment ambassador Kao Denero regarding his statement concerning musician Fynface.

Recently, musician Fynface shared on social media that he is battling depression due to challenges in the Sierra Leone entertainment industry. In response, Kao Denero advised him to take inspiration from his own experiences, claiming to be one of the most criticized and disliked artists in Sierra Leone who has managed to persevere.

Fantacee Wiz, in her reaction to Kao Denero, called upon him to shift the focus from himself to Fynface, emphasizing that this situation concerns Fynface, not him. She accused him of displaying narcissistic behavior, where everything revolves around oneself.

Furthermore, she pointed out that the book Kao Denero is suggesting Fynface should emulate no longer exists, as its pages have been torn apart.

“This is not about you! Must you make everything about you! This is about Fynface!

Book way don Cher na de u wan leh e pull page?

A NARCISSIST will always make everything about them”.