Mary Grace Turay (MGT) and Zachariah Lloyd Sesay, both hailing from Sierra Leone, have secured two prestigious awards at the Begin Film Festival in California.

The festival, which provides a platform for passionate storytellers and cinema aficionados to showcase their narratives, witnessed these two individuals emerge victorious.

Mary Grace Turay’s exceptional work earned her the coveted title of “Best Picture” at the Begin Film Festival.

Zachariah Lloyd Sesay’s remarkable talent and on-screen presence were acknowledged with the esteemed accolade of “Best Actor.”

The Begin Film Festival, an annual event, serves as a platform for visionaries, emerging artists, and individuals with powerful stories to share. Created by Martins Samuel in 2022, the festival holds a distinct place in the world of cinema, known for its commitment to inclusivity and its dedication to presenting thought-provoking content. The festival’s impact extends beyond its local roots, as it has gained global recognition for its ability to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide.