popular musician Atical Foyoh has launched a scathing attack on fellow musician Nasser Ayoub, dubbing him the “most corrupt entertainer Sierra Leone has ever produced.”

Foyoh further claimed that Nasser Ayoub’s alleged corruption was the reason behind his denied citizenship.

The controversy erupted following a heated exchange on social media between Nasser Ayoub and prominent politician Sylvia Blyden. Blyden accused Ayoub of being a pro-APC jihadist and claimed to have blocked him from her Facebook page. The tension escalated when a popular Facebook page known as Salone Gossip targeted Blyden, leading Atical Foyoh to allege that the page was actually owned by Nasser Ayoub.

Atical Foyoh, who has recently become an ardent supporter of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), didn’t mince his words when he accused Nasser Ayoub of opening a group and losing his identity merely to disrespect others. These allegations have taken the feud between the musicians to a whole new level, generating immense interest among fans and the public.