In a recent interview with popular blogger PRO IB Blog, Atical Foyoh, the CEO of One Vision Entertainment and President of the East End Artists Union, revealed his motivation for releasing a new song in support of the ruling SLPP party.

Foyoh explained that his decision stemmed from his belief in President Bio’s ideology and his trust in the governance process.

Despite the shift from being perceived as the voice of the voiceless to now being associated with the president, Foyoh asserted that he still represents the voiceless.

He clarified that he now recognizes governance as a gradual process and firmly believes that President Bio’s process deserves another five years of trust and support.

One of the key reasons Foyoh embraced President Bio’s campaign is his relentless dedication to improving education, which he considers vital for national development.

Foyoh argued that despite the significant advancements made under President Bio’s leadership, some people failed to allow him to govern peacefully. He questioned why President Bio should not be granted a second term when his focus on prioritizing education is clear, especially considering that former President Koroma had been given a second term.

Regarding the Mr. President song he had initially planned to release against President Bio, Foyoh explained that he had a change of heart due to the surge of hate speech and tribalism in the country. Instead, he decided to release a song titled “Say No to Tribalism.”

When asked about the recent alleged issue with Innocent, Foyoh disclosed that Innocent is a mentor to him but opted not to delve deeper into the matter. He emphasized that both he and Innocent choose what they believe is right for themselves.

Despite his song “Nasty” being regarded as a significant revolutionary song for the APC party, Foyoh expressed his trust in President Bio’s process, acknowledging the progress being made.

Foyoh concluded by advising all Sierra Leoneans to remain calm, vote wisely, and promote peace. He urged sierra Leoneans not to harbor animosity towards one another due to political differences.