One of the soldiers caught and arrested with regards the Sunday Gunfire incident in Freetown has made a public confession at an undisclosed place believed to be a security post.

The Soldier identified as American, was caught on a video explaining to his captors (Security Officers) what transpired that day. Standing half naked with one hand cuffed to the window, American recounted the violence.

According to him, they were working on orders that day, as he was also captured and forced to take out weapons for the attack.

He disclosed that, his instructors had already disarmed the guards of the place they were to attack, whiles himself and some others were ordered to be refilling the weapons.

He made mention of some other members he was working with to carry out the task. Some of these accomplices he mentioned were, Captain Marrah known as Uganda platform, an Officer from Penguma, a soldier called Kottia, another name Kemoh, and another called Ranger, posted at Cockeril Station.

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