Hawa Dumbuya, widely known as Hawa Tombo following her victorious stint on House of Stars 2023, has stirred up a storm on social media with a bold declaration.

Taking to Facebook, the starlet revealed her ambitious aspiration for the year 2026: to establish her very own church. With a resounding emphasis, she wrote, “IN 2026, I WANT TO HAVE A CHURCH ON MY OWN.”

The announcement sparked a flurry of reactions from her legion of fans. While some expressed excitement and offered words of encouragement, others raised pertinent questions and shared insightful perspectives. Amidst the lively comments section, one prevailing sentiment emerged: the nature and purpose of the proposed church.

In response to Dumbuya’s proclamation, several followers urged her to consider the broader significance of her endeavor. “Let it be a house for God and not A Church On that she Owns,” advised one fan, highlighting the importance of humility and reverence in religious pursuits. Another supporter echoed this sentiment, advocating for a more altruistic approach: “Why not a health clinic? We have so many churches than schools and hospitals.

Indeed, the discourse surrounding Dumbuya’s announcement has ignited a broader conversation about societal priorities and the role of faith-based institutions in community development. As the world grapples with pressing issues such as healthcare accessibility and educational equity, the allocation of resources towards religious infrastructure has come under scrutiny.

As Dumbuya’s plans for 2026 continue to garner attention and feedback, it remains to be seen how she will navigate the complexities of her ambition. With her star power and influence, the House of Stars champion has the opportunity to shape not only her own legacy but also contribute meaningfully to the welfare of her community.