The Sierra Leone Police has issued out a Press Briefing, revealing what exactly transpired between them and the angry youths at the 55 Waterloo, around 0815 hours of yesterday the 30th November 2021.

According the News Briefing, It all happened around 0815 hours when a reckless driver hit and fatally injured a pupil who was crossing the road. The Police at the scene quickly intervened and dissuaded the angry pupils and other onlookers from mobbing the driver in control of the vehicle which was involved in the crash.

The Police literally succeeded in calming down the situation until a certain teacher from the school of the fatally injured pupil instigated other pupils not to accept the pleas of the Police but to avenge the death of their colleague pupil. It was at this point that things quickly changed and the Police who were merely trying to protect the driver from mob attack came under serious attack from pupils and other young men within the vicinity.

The physical attack on the Police and random stone throwing lasted for a while which resulted to over ten Police Officers seriously injured from stones pelted at them. The Police nevertheless succeeded in effecting 53 arrests. All these suspects are presently in custody helping with the investigation.

Calm has since returned to the area and normal flow of human movements and vehicular traffic resumed.