Famous Sierra Leonean Preacher, Prophet Michael on Sunday prophesied that Hawa ‘Tombo’ Dumbuya would soon experience the joy of motherhood.

Hawa, who won the recently concluded House of Stars reality show, has previously spoken about the challenges she faced in her marriage to football star Musa Noah Kamara, also known as Musa Tombo. Hawa alleged that she was unable to conceive a child during their marriage, which ultimately led to her being thrown out of their home.

At around 11:41,” Hawa emphasized, “Musa Tombo packed my clothes out of our matrimonial home, and he asked me to leave his house. I asked him why, and he said, ‘Leave my house because you can’t produce a child for me.'”

Despite these past experiences, Hawa emerged victorious in the House of Stars competition, winning a three-bedroom house, a car, and a cash prize of NLe 100,000.

While Hawa is not currently in a known relationship and her divorce with Musa Tombo remains unfinalized, she expressed hope for the future and the possibility of having her own children.

Prophet Michael’s message during the Sunday service resonated with Hawa, who approached him for prayer. The Prophet declared, “My daughter, you ‘MUST’ carry your own children,” and continued with a proclamation, “If you are looking for child or money, receive now in Jesus’ name.”