House of Stars contestant, Ibrahim Tejan Fofona in a Facebook post has apologized to his former managers Liz Alen and Marish for allegedly sharing their unclad videos on social media.

According to Ibrahim, the videos were not shared by him and he has no idea who is the perpetrator of the act but took responsibility by apologizing to both Liz Alen and Marish.

“I am truly sorry for any inconvenience this situation has caused both Marish and Liz. I have no idea who shared those but I’m sincerely sorry”.

He further asked for their forgiveness as he is only a human who is reliable to mistakes, adding that cheap popularity is not the way to succeed and exposing women is not the best way to get at them.

Mariah, one of the victims on a Facebook video explained that she was conversing and making fun with Ibrahim wherein Ibrahim asked her to show him her breast but took it as fun and brought her clothe down a little bit showing her chest asking Ibrahim “like this”.

Mariah said to her surprise Ibrahim was screen-recording her which she only noticed after the video went viral on social media with Ibrahim removing the sound from the video.

She called on Ibrahim to post the original video with sound so people would get to listing their conversations as people are now claiming they were doing a sex video.