The highly popular reality TV show “House of Stars” is reportedly facing unexpected disruptions as it has been taken off the air during the week to eviction proceedings due to technical issues. According to report from it management, the technicians have identified the issues and they are working assiduously to resolve them..

Unravelling the technical issue to the Public, the management states “trouble shooting of the problem, bunch of ants were found in the main power source and the cables were been eaten by the ants which eventually caused the breakage of power .

As a result of these technical difficulties, the House of Stars Week two eviction did not continue as planned . The enthusiasm among viewers that were watching the eviction demonstrates the strong following that the show has achieved.

The production team, along with technical experts, are now engaged in resolving the issues that caused the interruption. Their dedicated efforts aim to replace the cables that were eaten by ants so that the show can resume its regular broadcast as soon as possible.

The team understands the importance of maintaining the high standard and integrity of the show”