Sierra Leonean rapper Drizilik, also known as Benjamin Menelik George, graced the stage as an international guest at the 2023 BET Awards. This prestigious event, held in Los Angeles on Sunday, June 25, honors outstanding performances in music, TV, film, and sports. In addition, the ceremony commemorated 50 years of hip-hop and was broadcasted by BET from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

Drizilik’s captivating voice and lyrical talent took the music scene by storm, breathing fresh life into our ears. In a remarkably short period, he established himself as one of the prominent mainstream artists in Sierra Leone and Africa.

His breakthrough debut single, “Pop Collar,” released in late 2015, quickly became a smash hit on the streets of Freetown, gaining widespread popularity on radio and in clubs. Since then, Drizilik has consistently raised the bar with his music releases, positioning himself as one of the pioneering young West African musicians and solidifying his status as one of Sierra Leone’s most popular artists. His exceptional achievements have garnered numerous accolades, including a nomination for “Listeners Choice” at the 2021 MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMAs), further validating his success and expanding global recognition.

In 2021, Drizilik achieved a significant breakthrough when he ventured beyond Sierra Leone to develop his music career in Nigeria. Collaborating with Markmuday and Jooel, he featured in the hit song “PROBLEM” by Mastekraft, which gained massive popularity, even making its way to the Big Brother Naija house during their Saturday night party and finding a place on numerous playlists across Africa.

The remarkable rise of this talented musical sensation owes much to the efforts of his publicist, Vickie Remoe. Their professional collaboration exemplifies how a combination of exceptional music and effective publicity can propel a talented musician to stardom effortlessly. Remoe played a crucial role in facilitating Drizilik’s attendance at the prestigious BET Awards ceremony, expressing optimism that the next time he visits, he will be a contender for an award.

Reflecting on the circumstances leading to Drizilik’s invitation to this auspicious event, Remoe shares a brief story, stating “Let me tell a short story about how this happened. Some six years ago I got an email from a Sierra Leonean-American woman in the US. She was just out of college. She said she admired me and wanted to work for me even if remotely. I asked for her CV and portfolio. She has experience in PR and Digital Comms.

“So I hired her part time. She supported my work virtually for various clients. After a couple years she said she wanted to go to graduate school to do her Masters. She asked if I would write her a recommendation. Of course I did! She got into graduate school. She finished graduate school and started to work. A couple years later where did she end up? BET!!!

“So of course the minute I started working for D. I hit her up like yo! We need to get D in BET, she said of course. Whenever he is in the US hit me up. That whenever happened in February this year. I got her up but sadly she was out of town and the interview we hoped we could book for BET didn’t happen even though we went all the way to NY. She then hit me up casually like plan to be in LA in June. I said we will be. I had completely forgotten about BET Awards but you know who hadn’t forgetten? Drizilik! He was like June day cam up ah wan go BET. Kam look message en call. I hit up my sis at BET like yo, it’s June what’s good. She said oh he should come!

“And then a marathon began. Drizilik flew from Ghana to Sierra Leone where he had to perform at Lebanese School, then to Gambia then to London where he had 24 hours to pick up his LABRUM LONDON outfits for the awards and shoot some promotional content for his new single Vote with Idris Elba. From London he flew to LA, he went straight to BET House from the airport for a meet and greet with the BET International team and execs, met big man Camidoh who is nominated tonight. Go home sleep (11 hour time difference between LA and Salone) and then suit up again tonight to head to the awards.

“All of this happened in past two weeks! But today it has all paid off! This year Drizilik is attending as a guest but next time he’s there he’ll be up for an award. If you dreams don’t scare you they’re not big enough!”