Singer IBE has purchased 10 copies of popular social media influencer Hamza4SL’s “Letter to my Ancestors” Book and will give them out to his fans.

The popular Afro-pop Singer IBE throw his support to Hamza4SL by buying 10 copies of his Book “Letter to my Ancestors”

IBE later said On the 7th he promised to give out 5 copies of “Letter to my Ancestors” but later change his mind to now give out 10 copies

He adds that this is a way to help each other, especially a young man like Hamza who has done so much to impact the younger generation positively

IBE further that he has not seen other musicians complementing the young man’s writing effort, as if it is only bloggers that are helping without replicating the same

He added also that the criteria to get a copy is to Subscribe to all his Social media handles and share your favourite song on his youtube channel and do a screenshot of them and send it to 075964210